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Ask LSOP # 41 - But is it good for the environment?

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Ask LSOP # 41 - But is it good for the environment?

People care more than ever about their impact on the environment- so here's how we can shop more conscientiously for bedroom gear.

Is this [lube, material, packaging] environmentally friendly?


This is an encouragingly common question, and one that we are happy to track down an answer for, whatever item has caught your eye. Sustainability and our environmental impact are issues that we all should be focusing on right now. While the most important thing that we can do is educate ourselves, engage in and support positive change, and vote, the importance of making small changes in our personal habits shouldn't be underestimated. And since you're asking this question, you must be doing your best to...


Be greener in the bedroom

One way to cope with the stress brought on by the seemingly inevitable Mad Max-ification of our planet is by finding ways to reduce our personal carbon footprint.


Another way is drinking!


And since my therapist recommended I find healthier ways to deal with my climate-change anxiety, here are a few ways that we can be greener in the bedroom!


Use biodegradable/recyclable products


A lot of our waste will end up cluttering up the environment long after we’re gone. One way that we can help reduce our personal contributions to a future sex toy garbage island is by buying items that don't have to sit around for the next 1000 years.


Items like this month's featured product, the Gaia BioFeel Eco Vibe, are compostable, while toys of all varieties are recyclable through programs like Lovehoney's Rabbit Amnesty program.


Gaia BioFeel Eco Vibe
Little Shop of Pleasures
The Gaia BioFeel Eco Vibe in Green.


Natural materials like wood, vegetable tanned leather, and stone are also a more environmentally friendly option.


Buy local

Another way to reduce your product's impact on the environment is to buy things made by local manufacturers. Stuff that doesn't have far to travel between where it's made and the consumer uses far less energy- not to mention all the other benefits of supporting local artisans. We're pretty lucky here in Canada for top quality adult gear, with world class lubes, toys, lingerie, and bondage gear all available through awesome Canadian companies. It's better for the environment, better for our local economies, and you'll have the spiffiest gear around.


Buy stuff that is rechargeable/lasts longer

Getting the fanciest, most quality version of something isn't always an option, but when you can afford to splurge, getting something that will last longer than its cheaper counterpart might is a good way to be kinder to the environment and your wallet in the long term.


In the same vein, rechargeable toys mean fewer batteries are being used. And if your battery operated toy is still alive and kicking, try getting rechargeable batteries for it, and be sure to recycle dead batteries.


Buy stuff with simple/recyclable packaging

And finally, take a look at the packaging. Like all of these tips, this goes for just about anything you buy. If you're trying to decide between two products, why not pick the one with the least amount of waste in the packaging?



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