Ask LSOP # 58 - What's the best toy for couples?

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Ask LSOP # 58 - What's the best toy for couples?

What's the best toy to share with your sweetie? We can't be sure what's right for you, but here's a few of our favourite couples' toys to get the ball rolling on your search.


What's your best couples toy?


That depends on the couple! There are many wildly different types of toys designed to enhance sex for a couple- even more if you use a little imagination! Here are just a few of our favourite sharable sex toys of the right now.


Vibrating Cock Ring – Lovense Diamo

From the $5 disposable jelly rings all the way up to the pricier, high-tech variations, the vibrating cock ring is probably the most well represented variety of couples' toy- there are so, so many to choose from. For the uninitiated, the idea is that the rings are worn around the base of the penis, positioning the attached vibrator so that the receptive partner's clitoris/labia/perineum/anus receives additional, hands-free stimulation during penetrative sex. At the same time, he wearer benefits from the ring's erection supporting constriction and the sensation of the vibration.


In addition to their designed purpose, vibrating rings can also be worn around the fingers or used on an insertable dildo or vibrator to add external stimulation to the mix (bonus couples' toy points for using the new combo toy in a strap-on for harness-assisted penetrative sex!).


Lovense Diamo
The Lovense Diamo, pictured at an angle with the toy's power/function button and magnetic charge contacts visible on the side of the curved stimulator.



Our current favourite vibrating couple's ring is the Lovense Diamo. This ring falls into the "high-tech" category, with a rechargeable, lithium ion battery, super powerful motor, and the ability to pair the toy to a device running the Lovense Remote app via Bluetooth. The Diamo's silicone exterior is built to last, and designed with a "sling" sort of shape that allows the toy to be worn different ways for different kinds of sensations for the wearer or their partner. The elongated stimulator extends the reach and surface area that touches the receptive partner's sensitive bits, while the low-frequency vibration rumbles through the wearer's penis (or toy, or fingers), which is fun for everyone.


Plus, the Bluetooth/app functionality adds all sorts of features, including the ability to control the toy remotely, even over a long distance. So, even if one half of a couple is out of town, they can send an invitation to participate in a masturbation session (with optional in-app video chat), or hand them the controls and grant them the ability to tease under the clothes.


Double Dildo - Kink Dual Flex Silicone Vibrator with Remote Control

A classic style of couples' toy, double-ended dildos are designed to allow two people to enjoy a penetrative toy simultaneously. Compared to using two separate toys, this can mean closer contact and a more intimate connection between partners, who can feel and experience the movement of their lover through the shared toy.



 KINK - Dual-Flex Silicone Vibrator with Wireless Remote - Demonstration of flexibility
The Dual Flex Silicone Vibrator and its remote control. A flexible, bendable design allows it to be enjoyed in different positions.



From Doc Johnson's Kink line (a collection of products developed in partnership with, the Dual Flex Silicone Vibrator with Remote Control is a double-ended dildo with a few upgrades- namely two vibrating motors located in either side. Each multi-speed motor is independently controlled, which means each person can customize their experience, vibration or no. Even with the addition of electronic components, the super-flexible silicone vibe allows it to be used comfortably in all sorts of positions, and thanks to the convenient wireless remote control, changing vibration settings can be done easily even in the heat of the moment. It's also rechargeable, which is always a bonus.


Strap-On - Temptasia - Luna Strapless Silicone Dildo

I think that the greatest improvement to the strap-on has been the invention of the strapless strap-on. A type of double-ended dildo, this style of toy is L shaped, with the shorter end a bulb with a narrow neck that can be held with the pelvic floor muscles of the wearer. This design allows the person wearing the toy to control the movement and depth of penetration for their partner, like they would with a classic strap-on harness and dildo with the added benefits of a double dildo, ie: simultaneous penetration, closer contact, and the intimate connection of feeling the partner’s movement through the shared toy.

Temptasia Luna Strapless Silicone Dildo

A newer addition to our selection of strapless strap-ons, the Luna by Temptasia is a platinum silicone toy with a curved, G-spot pampering shaft, textured saddle to stimulate the wearer, and a removable lipstick vibe that can be used in the dildo or on its own. What makes the Luna stand out is its bulb, which is much smaller than those of similar toys. This makes it a great choice for wearers who prefer or need more slender toys for vaginal insertion.


C-Shape Vibe - We-Vibe's Couples Toys

We can't talk couples' toys without talking about We-Vibes! We-Vibe (now a part of WOW Tech after joining forces with Womanizer) invented the wearable C-shape couples' vibe, designed to be worn by vagina-owners during penetrative sex. One half of the C is inserted into the body, anchoring the toy in place, while the other half rests outside the body, wrapped around the pubic bone and nestled against the clitoris. Turn it on and boom! Hands-free G-spot and clitoral stimulation.


Though some other toy makers have come up with their own version of the toy over the years, We-Vibe's patented designs are still award-winning best-sellers. Currently there are three models of We-Vibe's couple's vibe available: the Unite, the Match, and the Chorus. They're sort of a basic, mid-range, and luxury model, respectively.


We-Vibe Unite with Remote We-Vibe Match with Remote We-Vibe Chorus with Remote
The We-Vibe Unite with remote. The We-Vibe Match with remote. The We-Vibe Chorus with remote.


For folks with vaginas having sex with folks with penises, these toys provide both partners extra, hands-free stimulation, with the internal arc of the C creating pressure and vibration against both the wearer's G-spot and their partner's penis.


Illustration of how to use C-shape vibe
Illustration courtesy of We-Vibe.


But its not only for P in V sex- C-shape vibes can be worn during strap-on sex, or mutual penetration sex with a double-ended dildo. They can also be paired with an internal vibe to create a sort of DIY rabbit vibe or simply worn on their own, but THIS IS ABOUT COUPLES' TOYS, so.


No matter who you are or how you like to have sex, when it comes to toys designed to be shared there is a lot to choose from- what makes one "the best" is really up to the couple. If you ask me the same question next week I'd probably have a whole new list, because every time a customer explains to me how they chose their toy I learn something new about our products and people. If you're still not sure what shareable toy is the right one for you, or if you didn't see the style of couples' toy you were thinking of, drop by Little Shop of Pleasures- I'm sure that we can help!



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