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June 2021 Featured Product - Hot Octopuss Kurve

June 2021 Featured Product - Hot Octopuss Kurve

The Kurve is a rechargeable G-spot vibrator with a posh look and a pair of high-powered motors.

This month we're shining a spotlight on the Kurve Treble & Bass G-Spot Vibrator, by Hot Octopuss.


Hot Octopuss is a UK brand that is best known for their Pulse series of "Guybrators", taco shell-shaped toys that are designed to stimulate penises and are cool as heck.


Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo
This toy would not have hung out with me in high school.


Given the cool factor of their other toys we had high expectations for the new Kurve.


Hot Octopuss Curve


The Kurve looks and feels luxurious. It's fairly weighty, and the attractive wine colour of the silicone is carried into the shimmery ombre finish of the handle. The silicone body is smooth and becomes extra squishy at the tip, which provides a lot of cushioning between you and the rigid core that houses the toy’s inner electronics. Its powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery that runs for up to two hours on a single charge, and is waterproof for play in the bath or shower and worry free-cleaning.


Kurve Handle Front Kurve Handle Back


The handle has two columns of metallic, gold-coloured buttons, one labelled "Treble" and the other "Bass". The buttons are a plus symbol, a minus symbol, and a circle, the first two controlling the speed of vibration for each of the toy’s two motors, and the last serving as a quick power off button for both motors and selecting from set of five pre-programmed patterns on the left and right, respectively. Their shape and raised design are fairly tactile and make finding the buttons by touch alone easier, which is good because they are not back-lit.


A vibrator in this style having two motors is not overly unique, but the concept of combining two motors of different frequencies is pretty clever.


To understand why one needs a basic understanding of how a vibrating motor works. Whether it’s a vibrating sex toy, a concrete vibrator, or the mechanisms that make phones buzz and game controllers rumble, the vibration movement is generated by a motor spinning a drive shaft with an unbalanced weight attached to it. As the weight is spun around it causes small, rapid, circular movement of the whole mechanism and whatever it's built into. The feel of the vibration is affected by the speed of the spinning drive shaft and the size of the weight, with smaller weights creating smaller circles and generating more high frequency, buzzy vibration, and larger, heavier weights creating larger circles and lower frequency, rumbling vibration.


When it comes to sex toys, high frequency vibration is felt more on the surface of the skin than beneath it, while low frequency vibration is more penetrating, resonating below the skin into muscles and nerve endings that can’t be touched or stimulated as easily. People who have used more than one vibrator in their life usually find they have a preference between the two types of vibration.


Hot Octopuss Kurve


With the Kurve the independently-controlled Treble and Bass motors offers the option of both types in one toy, with the buzzier "Treble" motor zipping in the tip of the shaft, and the "Bass" rumbling at the base. When the’re operated simultaneously, the effect is a unique reverberation as the movement generated by both motors transitions from asynchronous to synchronous rapidly, like lead and bass guitars hitting the same note together every couple of bars.


Hot Octopuss Kurve Diagram


Ultimately, if you're on the lookout for a high-quality G-spot vibrator, the Kurve is a great option. It's sturdy, well-built, and has all the features you'd expect coming from a luxury brand like Hot Octopuss, and if you aren't sure if you're a Treble or a Bass kinda person, or are buying for someone else, the Kurve lets you choose what type of vibes you want every time you turn it on.



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