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January 2019 Featured Product - We-Vibe Discover Gift Box

January 2019 Featured Product - We-Vibe Discover Gift Box

The holiday season has reminded me that I am a big fan of gift sets. I love opening up the little box and assessing my new haul of tiny lotions and bath bombs- this secondary, personal Christmas celebrated on my bathroom floor never gets old.


For this reason I was tickled by We-Vibe's latest release, the We-Vibe Discover Gift Box, which arrived on our shelves just in time for holiday shopping.


Though not We-Vibe's first gift set, this is certainly their most elaborate, containing ten different items in a large, substantial-feeling box. The box comes with a removable sleeve that indicates the kit’s contents, and a little pull ribbon that allows it to be opened like a drawer.


Opening the box reveals ten smaller boxes, numbered to correspond with each item's description in the manual (or to use as the guide for some kind of sexy advent calendar, probably).


We-Vibe Lube by pjur


The first item is a bottle of We-Vibe Lube, by pjur. This silky lubricant is great used on its own, and even better when paired with toys. And because it’s water-based, it's compatible with any toy material, and everything else in the box!


Feather Tickler


The second is a tiny feather tickler on a little wrist strap. Feather ticklers are a great intro into sensation play, and the perfect way to sooth rosy skin after a spanking.


Tango by We-Vibe


Third is the Tango by We-Vibe, one of our store's best selling items. This little lipstick-shaped vibrator is surprisingly rumbly for its size, and small enough to fit anywhere a traditional watch-battery bullet might go. It's waterproof and rechargeable, and perfect for pinpoint stimulation of any erogenous zone.


Sexy Dice


The fourth item is a pair of sexy dice. This classic ice breaking bedroom game features two six-sided dice, one with an action on each side, like kiss or nibble, and the other with different body parts.


Special Edition We-Vibe Couple's Toy


Fifth is a special edition We-Vibe Couple's Vibe. This red model is new and exclusive to this kit. Battery powered, so that you can jump right in without any wait time, this toy is designed to stimulate the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously on it's own, during intercourse, or while used with a second, internal toy.


Kegel Exerciser


The sixth item is a Kegel exerciser, another exclusive to this kit. Weighted, with an easy-to-pull retrieval cord, this little device helps to strengthen and bring awareness to the pelvic floor, something that can improve orgasms and increase pleasure- not to mention all the health benefits.


Massage Candle


Seventh is a soy-based massage candle. Massage candles are an atmospheric way to pre-warm your massage oil- simply light, enjoy the scent and mood lighting as the oil melts, and then blow the candle out, pour the "wax" on your patient, and you’re ready to go!


Womanizer Starlet


In the eighth box is a Womanizer Starlet, an exciting addition to the collection made possible by the merging of We-Vibe and Womanizer this past summer. This is a tiny version of the clitoral stimulator that made Womanizer famous, a unique toy that employs fluctuating air pressure to stimulate the sensitive bundle of nerves without even touching it.


Dusk by We-Vibe


Ninth is the Dusk by We-Vibe, a silicone anal plug that can be used alone, or paired with the Tango for the addition of toe-curling vibration.


Silky Sash


The tenth and final box contains and silky sash- a simple but essential addition to anyone's toy box that functions as a blindfold, restraint, or sensation tool.


The items have a combined value of $450, packaged together in a pretty gift box for only $289- a pretty big discount.


If you're a couple looking to Spice It Up™, a person interested in buying their partner something sexy but is unsure where to start, looking for an amazing gift for valentines day, or just wanting to try a bunch of different, high quality sex toys at a fantastic price, the We-Vibe Discover Gift Box might be just what you're looking for.


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