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August 2018 Featured Product - Eva II

August 2018 Featured Product - Eva II

The diminutive Eva II purports to be the solution to obtrusive, complicated, or ineffective couple's vibrators. With a design that distinguishes it from any other couple's vibrator we carry, we're excited to add it to the LSOP catalogue.

Offering hands-free clitoral stimulation in a completely unique style, this itty bitty toy is brand new to our stores.


Eva II - Clover


After a wildly successful crowdfunding campaign, the Eva, by Dame Products, debuted in 2015. The highly anticipated toy was proposed as an alternative to other styles of hands-free clitoral vibes- namely the old fashioned strap-on style, where the vibrator would be held in place with a harness, or the the C-shaped variety, which insert into the vagina and hug the pubic bone to stay in place.


Both styles have their pros and cons- the security of the strap-on vibes mean the fuss of the straps and buckles (not to mention the potentially unwanted fashion statement), while the minimalist C-shaped vibes offer create a tighter squeeze during P in V sex- with a lot of extra friction.


With these complaints in mind, the founders of Dame products developed the Eva. The body of the Eva, and that of the toy's current generation, the Eva II, is approximately 1" x 1" 1.5" and shaped like a tiny chicken nugget (if you have a better comparison, please let me know). It houses a small but relatively powerful motor that operates at three possible speeds, controlled by a single, unobtrusive button covered by the toy's silicone skin. The distinctive feature of the toy is the "wings", two flexible appendages that extend from either side of the vibe like, er, wings. The overall effect is fairly insect-like.


Eva II - Leaf


To wear the Eva, the wings are tucked inside the outer labia, placing the vibe over the clitoris and out of the way of the vaginal opening.


Eva II - Tree Knot


The Eva II boasts smaller proportions than its predecessor, a boon considering its benefit lays primarily on being unobtrusive. The second generation also saw an upgrade in charging technology. Where the original used a thin jack-pin charger that pierced the silicone (rendering the toy un-submersible) the Eva II charges magnetically with a spherical charging/base travel case that plugs into a power source via the included USB cable. The Eva II also upped the power, with a more rumbly motor than the original.


The Eva II costs $235, and is available in Quartz, a subtle off-white colour, and Fir, a rich green tone (man do I love me a vibrator that comes in green).



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