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Ask LSOP # 8 - Why Glass?

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Ask LSOP # 8 - Why Glass?

The following is the full Ask LSOP #8 question and answer, featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures October 2016 newsletter.

Why would someone want a glass sex toy? Won't they break?




Hi A,


Glass toys may not be for everyone, but they have a lot of benefits that make glass a desirable material for a lot of sex toy users.


The second question seems like the most pressing, so I'll answer it first. Technically yes, a glass toy can break, but not in the way people tend to imagine.


Sex toy are made from borosilicate, a variety of glass that is stronger than other types of glass, and also tends to snap into pieces rather than shatter when broken.


Glass sex toys are not hollow, with thin walls like a wine glass. Rather, they are solid chunks of the same durable, shatter-resistant glass that is used to make Pyrex kitchenware and laboratory glassware. So in short, unless they have Kegel muscles of steel, it's incredibly unlikely that a glass sex toy will break inside a person (sorry Superman, there's always silicone). When glass toys do break, it's usually the result of dropping them some distance onto a hard floor. Obviously, if this happens we recommend chucking the toy- no one wants a butt plug with sharp edges.


Despite the slightly-less-than-invincible nature of glass toys, here are some of the benefits:


  • Unyielding materials like glass and metal are good for applying pressure to places like the prostate and G-Spot


  • When combined with lube, the smooth surface of glass has zero drag


  • Glass is non-porous, non-leeching, and can not only be cleaned but sanitised by boiling, bleaching, or autoclave


  • Glass can be used with any kind of lube


  • Borosilicate retains temperature like it's its job, so if you're into temperature play, glass toys could be your new best friend.



Thanks for the question, A!


-- The LSOP experts


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