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Ask LSOP #6 – The Benefits of Vac-U-Lock

Ask LSOP #6 – The Benefits of Vac-U-Lock

The following is the full Ask LSOP #6 question and answer, featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures August 2016 newsletter.

Dear LSOP Experts,


What makes Vac-U-Lock better than normal strap-ons?


— B



Hi B,


Vac-U-Lock is a line of toys by Doc Johnson that use a proprietary plug system to connect the interchangeable toys to harnesses and other gadgets. Each Vac-U-Lock toy has a hole in the base that can be used to secure it to any Vac-U-Lock plug attachment. Investing in a Vac-U-Lock harness and toy has several benefits over a more traditional style of strap-on system.



For one, the plug size is universal. Once a harness is purchased, there’s no need to buy new o-rings, as any Vac-U-Lock toy will fit the harness’s plug.


In that same vein, any Vac-U-Lock toy you have will work with any Vac-U-Lock plug accessory… and there are a lot of them. Suction cups, double-sided plugs to create a custom double dildo, a brass knuckle-inspired handle, and even a whip are among the myriad accessories available.



There’s also the simplicity of design. Popping a toy onto one of the accessory plugs is not complicated, and doesn’t require snaps or multiple o-rings. With a little wiggling (using the included Vac-U-Lock powder doesn’t hurt) the toy pops right back off again when you’re done for easy cleaning and storage of both pieces.


My favourite thing about the Vac-U-Lock harnesses is that the new Platinum line incorporates the traditional O-ring into the designs, meaning that you can still enjoy your O-ring harness compatible toys without the need for multiple harnesses.




So, B, if you’re looking for a strap-on system that is easy to prep and disassemble, doesn’t require a collection of O-rings to accommodate every size of toy in your toy box (unless you want to), and the option of cool, strap-on adjacent dildo accessories, a Vac-U-Lock harness may be a better option for you.


Thanks for the question!


— The LSOP Experts

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