Ask LSOP # 45 - Entry-Level Anal Expansion

Ask LSOP # 45 - Entry-Level Anal Expansion

An accommodating partner is looking for a more accessible entry into their boyfriend's speculum fantasy.

My boyfriend is into speculums, but they look pretty extreme for me. Are there other similar anal toys that we would both like?

- M


There are all kinds of toys designed for anal expansion or opening. Anal speculums are definitely among the more elaborate and intimidating of this style of toy- and for some that's exactly why they like them- but its not surprising that they may not be your first choice when you're just beginning to explore this kind of play.


Mathieu 3 Prong Rectal Speculum
The Mathieu 3 Prong Rectal Speculum


For those unfamiliar, speculums are a type of medical device used to perform examination or treatment on a hollow part of the body with a probe composed of two or more prongs that separate to open the orifice. The kinds of speculums we sell, as an adult store, are generally vaginal or anal, though speculums for other body parts like the ears and nose exist too. Given their intended use, speculums aren't designed to be used on oneself, and are not the easiest toy to practice or get comfortable with before you introduce it into shared activities.


There are lots of anal expansion toys on the market that in my opinion are more approachable for beginners, and could possibly be a compromise if you want to indulge your boyfriend's fantasy.


Tunnel Plugs

The Master Series Hive Ass Tunnel Silicone Ribbed Hollow Anal Plug, Large (1) The Master Series Hive Ass Tunnel Silicone Ribbed Hollow Anal Plug, Large (2)
The Hive Ass Tunnel Silicone Ribbed Hollow Anal Plug in Large, by Master Series


Tunnel plugs, like this one here, are butt plugs with a hollow core. Like a speculum, they open the anus and allow fingers, toys, or even penises, if the plug is big enough, to pass through the plug into the body. Unlike a speculum, they are generally a simple device with no moving parts, and can be inserted or removed by yourself if you want to give it a try alone before using it together. They come in different sizes, shapes, and materials, so there's lots to choose from when looking for one that seems right for you.


Inflatable Toys

Master Series Expander Inflatable Anal Plug with Removable Pump - 1 Master Series Expander Inflatable Anal Plug with Removable Pump - 2 Master Series Expander Inflatable Anal Plug with Removable Pump - 3
The Expander Inflatable Anal Plug with Removable Pump, by Master Series


Like the speculum, inflatable toys involve manually expanding the anus. Inflatable toys are inserted into the body at their smallest state, and then pumped with air- usually using a little bulb hand pump like you'd see on a blood pressure cuff- which causes it to expand. Like the tunnel plugs there's a pretty big variation of size, style, and material, and they can also be used alone pretty easily.


Blooming Toys

Master Series Dark Bloom Mini Claw Silicone Anal Plug
The Dark Bloom Mini Claw Silicone Anal Plug, by Master Series

This type of butt plug goes into the body as a bulb shaped insertable, and then "blooms" as the prongs separate, either because of manipulation of mechanics, or naturally as the petals move into their natural position.


Glass Toys With a View

Icicles No. 80 Icicles No. 80 - Base
The Icicles No. 80 glass anal plug

The last, and in my opinion most basic alternative would be a variety of glass plug with a wide, flat base that serves as a window. The plug itself doesn't expand or change in any way, but with the clear view into the wearer's bum, it's an easy way to achieve the opening and looking inside element of speculum play.


Indulging your lover's fantasies isn't always easy- you aren't going to share the same level of interest and enthusiasm 100% of the time, and that's okay. Fostering an open line of communication where everyone feels comfortable expressing their desires and their limits and knows that those desires and limits will be respected is the basis for a happy sexual relationship.


Asking for help finding something that intersects with your partner wants and you are comfortable with shows that you are on the right track when it comes to communicating in the bedroom. You've established your limit, which might change or might not, and you've decided to explore other ways to indulge your boyfriend's fantasy that fit within your area of comfort. And that's the kind of beautiful compromise that good communication can help make possible.



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