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Ask LSOP # 43 - Do I need a ring or a pump?

Ask LSOP # 43 - Do I need a ring or a pump?

Both rings and pumps can do a world of good in the bedroom, but do you need both? Just one? Neither?

By special request by a long time staff member, this vague, shoulder-shrugging question is one that we get a lot, in some form or another. Usually prompted by the advice of a health care provider, friend, or helpful partner, men come in to our store to find the solution to their penis-related concerns, only to find that there's a lot more selection than they would have guessed, and the decision of what will work best for their needs isn't quite as clear cut as they'd hoped. To help clear up some confusion about which of these things tools will do the trick, here's a breakdown of what cock pumps and rings do, and why a person might use them to improve their sexual experience.


Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are a cylindrical vacuum device that draws blood into the erectile tissue of the penis. This can be used to get an erection quickly after orgasm, or for a performer who isn't psychologically stimulated/aroused but needs to appear so. It's also a helpful tool for those who find that their erections are not as firm as they have been. This common issue can arise because of aging, health complications, and medications, among other possible causes, and when the underlying issue is not easily remedied, a pump can be a good way to attain a firmer erection.


Though they are often marketed as a way to permanently enlarge the penis, there is no medical evidence to indicate that this is actually the case.


Penis Rings

Penis rings are rings designed to be worn around the penis. They can be made of hard materials like metal, or soft, stretchy materials like silicone or elastomer, and can be worn around the base of the penis or around the base of the penis and scrotum. They can be used for a few different purposes:


  • Because it feels good. Some people enjoy the snug feeling of a ring, and wearing one can enhance the pleasure of sexual activity.
  • Because it feels kinda weird. Other people find the feeling to be distracting, which can be helpful in delaying orgasm.
  • Because it holds a vibrator. Sometimes wearing a cock ring is less about the ring and more about what's attached to it. A vibrator affixed to the base of the penis can be pleasurable for the wearer and stimulate their partner directly or by transmitting vibration through the shaft of the penis.
  • Because it holds blood in the penis. By putting something snug around the base of the penis, the blood that causes erection is trapped in the erectile tissue and the erection is maintained until the ring is removed.


For people who are able to get an erection but can not maintain it over the course of a sexual activity a cock ring would be a possible solution. The type of cock ring used and how it is worn is up to the preferences and comfort of the wearer.


Why not both?

For people who are having trouble with both getting a firm erection and maintaining it, using a pump first, followed by a ring to keep everything in place would be the way to go.


Use the right lube

Many people find that their experience with both pumps and rings is enhanced by the use of lubricant. With pumps lubricant helps to maintain a seal between the body and the soft sleeve at the base of the cylinder, which is necessary for the vacuum to function. With rings, a bit of lube can help reduce uncomfortable tugging or chaffing. Like with any toys, silicone material can't be used with silicone or silicone hybrid lubricant- this will cause the sleeve or ring to deteriorate!


So, hopefully this gives you something to work with when you're staring at our wall of stuff for penises and wondering what the hell it is you're actually looking for. And if not, there's always someone in store that will be happy to answer your questions and find something that will work for your needs.


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