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Ask LSOP # 39 - Improve solo sessions for exactly $0.00 CAD

Ask LSOP # 39 - Improve solo sessions for exactly $0.00 CAD

This month we were asked how to get your masturbation game on point when a fancy sex toy just isn't in the budget. Luckily you don't need to spend any money to blow your own mind. Don't let the government know.

Hey guys,


I'm looking to up my solo sexy time game, but with the summertime coming up and expenses running high I don't want to break the bank. Any ideas for a frugal masturbator?


Thank you for the question! Depending on what parts you're dealing with, we will break down a few quick and easy ideas on how to mix up your masturbation on a budget.


Warm or chill your lube

If you use lube when pleasuring yourself, a super simple trick that works for everyone regardless of anatomy is to warm up or chill your lube. Popping the bottle in the fridge for a bit or running it under some hot water for a minute or two could make a big difference once it gets between your legs. A sharp chill that slowly warms up as you bring the heat, or some extra warmth to get you started should feel a lot different than boring old room temperature lube.


Location, location, location

If you're like us you have a routine when it comes to solo loving, and you probably have a place where you do the deed more often than not. If you have the opportunity, why not move your self loving away from the bed/desk and out into the living room? Or simply change your body position. Try rubbing one out while sitting up instead of lying down, or laying down instead of standing in the shower. The position of your body has a big impact on how your orgasm can feel, so why not switch it up?


Like... just don't use your hands. Stop.

If you use toys it's easy to mix things up by changing your movements. If you let your arms do all the work, how about mounting your toy and let your hips do their thing. Many toys come with suction bases, and if not, some tape should hold it down for a single session. If you plan on penetrating a stroker or masturbation sleeve, instead of rubbing it up and down, pin it between between some pillows, the mattress and box spring, or anything you can get at the right height and thrust yourself into it.



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