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Ask LSOP # 38 – Using Lube During Pregnancy

Ask LSOP # 38 – Using Lube During Pregnancy

Is it safe to use lube while I'm pregnant?


The short answer is yes. It's safe to use lube while your pregnant. The long answer is yes, but that it's best to take some precautions, just to be on the safe side.


Check the ingredients

While the cervix protects the fetus from anything invading its space, what a pregnant person puts on and in their body, for better or worse, can make it to their baby through the bloodstream. With lubricants, just like hair dye, nail polish, and skin creams, take a look at the ingredients list. This article lists some common ingredients found in everyday products that should be avoided during pregnancy. Do some research and make sure that your favourite lube doesn't contain anything that doesn't seem safe.


Because lubricants and other sexual body products like stimulating gels and sprays are being applied to a mucous membrane, dangerous chemicals are more likely to make their way into the body than if they were applied to your hands, so making sure that sex is safe is doubly important.


Switch to a natural lubricant

And if your lube of choice isn't something you're comfortable using when pregnant, it's probably not something you should be using at all, so maybe use this opportunity to find a new favourite lube that you can feel confident is safe for everyone.


If you think that finding a safer formula is in your best interests, your catalogue of options is getting wider every day. 


Forego riskier products

To reduce undue risks, anything that could lead to irritation or yeast infection should be avoided during pregnancy. This means packing away any oil-based lubes, lubes with flavouring or glycerine, and stimulating sprays/gels/creams.


Talk to your doctor

Of course, when in doubt, talk to your doctor, or reach out to resources like Health Link. Take a look at some of the great online resources on the topic, too.


Become your social group's foremost expert on lube and pregnancy. Make sure all your pregnant friends are informed. Ruin fancy dinner parties with lube facts. That's what I'd do.



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