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Ask LSOP # 36 – Is it safe to use ice in the bedroom?

Ask LSOP # 36 – Is it safe to use ice in the bedroom?

Ice. It's everywhere. And it's probably not going away for at least two more months. But hey, when life gives you lemons, amirite?

I was exploring some more exciting videos on the internet and I saw a couple using ice in the bedroom! Just thinking about it gives me shivers… some of them good ones ;) I was wondering if there is any health risks involved with using ice in and around the body.
If you can't beat the weather good on your for trying to use it to your advantage! In seriousness, experimenting with temperature is quite common in many types of BDSM play. Fire and ice can add excitement and little bit of danger- and as ice is not surprisingly the safer of the two options, it's definitely the best for beginners.
Externally ice is safe to use anywhere on the body and usually a standard ice cube will melt before it causes any lasting damage to the human body. If you hold the ice on one spot for a continuous time it could lead to frostburn, but common sense and communication should reduce that risk. If you or your partner find that direct contact with ice is too intense try wrapping it up in a thin cloth or paper towel or letting the cold water drip onto them as it melts.
Internally the average human body is 37C, which means, according to my calculations/a quick Google search a standard ice cube should last under a 2 minutes inside a person. Far less time than is needed to do any damage, but keep in mind that factors like the size of the ice cube or the person's tolerance levels for temperature play, and health should all be taken into account when determining how long is too long. As long as you're making your ice cubes with clean water, when the ice melts your body will absorb some and harmlessly spill out the rest.


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