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Ask LSOP #3 – What are the best toys for squirting?

Ask LSOP #3 – What are the best toys for squirting?

The following is the full Ask LSOP #3 question and answer, featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures May 2016 Newsletter.

Dear LSOP sexperts,


What toys are best for squirting?


– G



Dear G,


Ah, the elusive squirting orgasm. Porn brought this into the mainstream consciousness, and the squirting orgasm, also referred to as “female ejaculation” has become a sexual holy grail of sorts. The subject is rife with controversy, with many people (incorrectly) declaring it to be a myth, and with a great deal of associated social pressure, either in the form of shame towards those vagina-owners who can do it, or as pressure to make it happen for those who don’t.


As this is the case, I like to preface any talk about squirting with a little disclaimer:




If you are worried that you are not showing your partner enough appreciation for their efforts and feel that squirting is the only way, or if you feel that your partner should be squirting and isn’t, take a moment and ask yourself: are you placing undue pressure on yourself or your partner to perform a sexual act that is relatively inconsequential to their (and your) pleasure?


Having said this, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try to achieve this sexual goal if it’s something you want to do for the right reasons, and not because of pressure to live up to the standards set by media, or those around you.


Now that that’s out of the way…




Usually (although not always) people with vaginas who ejaculate during orgasm do it through stimulation of the G-spot, a task that is best done with curved toys with a firm core that can be used to apply pressure to the pleasure point, which is about 1.5"-2" on the anterior wall of the vagina. We would also steer you towards toys that are waterproof, for obvious reasons.


njoy Pure Wand
The Pure Wand, by njoy

The njoy Pure Wand is a G-spot’s best friend. Made from solid surgical steel, this dildo is a crescent shape with bulbs on each end. The combination of weight, a drastic curve, and completely unyielding material creates a toy that just doesn’t let up. Its completely waterproof, but be careful not to drop it in the shower or tub (it will be fine, but you may need to buy a new tub).

LELO Mona 2
The Mona 2, by LELO


The LELO Mona 2 is another G-spot darling, with a curve that follows the shape of the vagina and relies more on the swell of the shaft for its s-spot stimulation, which makes it the best choice for people who like to thrust. Also available in the Wave model, which moves against the pleasure point in the “come hither” fashion that G-spots love. Both models are rechargeable and totally waterproof.


PicoBong Moka
Moka, by PicoBong


The PicoBong Moka is another awesome G-spotter, with a broad, flat head that makes finding and maintaining contact with the G-spot easy. The Moka is totally waterproof as long as you close the battery compartment completely.


Seven Creations Hip G
The Hip G, by Seven Creations


The Seven Creations Hip G is among the most cost-effective toys that we carry. It’s design is classic, with a thin shaft and swollen bulb that hugs the pleasure point perfectly. An easy twist-dial and firm core makes controlling the intensity of vibration and pressure a breeze.


These are just a few of our favourite g-spot toys, G. For a more complete look, check out the G-spot section of our online store, or come into one of our locations and talk to our staff.


Thanks for writing in, G, and happy squirting!



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