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April 2019 Featured Product - iVibe Select - iRoll

April 2019 Featured Product - iVibe Select - iRoll

Have you ever looked at the wall of vibrators at Little Shop of Pleasures and thought to yourself "I want it all"? Well, this multi-function toy delivers sensations of a half-dozen different toys, all in one nice, rechargeable package.

The iRoll is a more recent addition to Doc Johnson's iVibe line of high quality, rechargeable, silicone toys. Featuring mostly sleek, modern-looking versions of classic designs, the iVibe line has come to be recognised for the toys' sturdy construction and incredibly powerful motors. With a clitoral stimulator that resembles a tiny, silicone waterwheel, the iRoll is eye-catching- no small feat when you're one of many on a densely packed wall of sex toys.


iVibe Select iRoll - Vertical


Starting at the most basic function of this toy, the insertable shaft of the toy has an impressive range of vibrations and soft silicone covering, which means using this toy just as a classic vibe is just fine (if you feel like keeping it old school).


Crave a little more action in your sex toy? Well, don't worry, because the iRoll has motion on the inside and out.


iVibe Select iRoll 2


The insertable portion of the toy is textured with stimulating beads that travel up and down the length of the shaft in three different patterns of movement, including the "chase" sequence that is designed to simulate thrusting.


Unique though the beads my be, the clitoral stimulator of the iRoll is what catches people's eyes when they scan our wall of vibrators. Mounted on a flexible arm, a wheel of little silicone tongues is poised to flick and lick the clitoris in either direction, at a variety of speeds.


The wheel of tongues is a design borrowed from the Sqweel, a Lovehoney creation that debuted just about 10 years ago. The Sqweel's unique method of clitoral stimulation was, for some, a welcome alternative to vibration, earning the toy, and its eventual successors and imitators, a small-but-loyal following. And you know what they say about clitoral stimulators: If it's worth doing, it's worth turning into a rabbit vibe.


To take a closer look at this cool new toy, check out either LSOP location, or our online store.


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