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Ask LSOP #2 – Lasting longer without pills

Ask LSOP #2 – Lasting longer without pills

The following is the Ask LSOP #2 question and answer, as featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures April 2016 newsletter.

Dear LSOP sexperts,


Is there anything that will make me last longer that isn't a pill?


– B


Dear B,


There are lots of options for guys looking to increase their sexual stamina without pharmaceuticals.


The first thing we always suggest is foreplay! Pleasuring your partner in other ways prior to intercourse will help them to achieve the same level of arousal that you would in a shorter amount of time. Once they’re closer to climax, you can bring it home without worrying about lasting for ages.


Reducing friction by wearing a condom or using lubrication can be a quick fix for many guys. Cock rings, which help hold blood in the penis, can also help to delay orgasm.


The most effective way to help increase your stamina is also the cheapest- practice on your own! Getting to know your body by masturbating is a great way to learn to control your orgasms. Getting acquainted with the way your body reacts when it approaches orgasm, and practicing approaching orgasm without climaxing using varieties of stimulation will lead to more control during sex with a partner. Many men find that mastering their orgasm not only leads to longer sexual encounters, but also stronger, more pleasurable orgasms overall. [Editors note: Fleshlight/FleshJack have a line of products specifically designed for this purpose.]


The last bit of wisdom I wish to impart on you is that premature ejaculation is not a condition, it’s more of a subjective interpretation of events. Hold yourself to your own standards- if you are enjoying sex, and your partner is enjoying it too, there’s no need to worry if you can’t last the way the porn stars do.


Good luck with your sexual exploration, B!




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