Exotique Candles Exotic Spa Candles Kit

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This kit contains four black light reactive drip candles.

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Exotique Candles Exotic Spa Candles Kit

These hand made candles are designed to be dripped on the skin, offering soothing, sensual sensation and increasing sensitivity to touch while creating a visually titillating scene of colourful wax on flesh. This set contains four candles in bright, UV reactive yellow, orange, pink, and green that glow vividly under black light.

Exotique Candles are made in Edmonton, Alberta using highly refined paraffin wax similar to the variety used in spa treatments to soften, moisturize, and gently exfoliate skin. The candles are designed to melt at 33-36°C / 92-98°F, a low temperature that is safe for most skin types when dripped form a height of at least 20 cm / 8".


How to use Exotic Spa Candles (from the manufacturer)

  1. Ensure that you have a safe area to place the lit candles. The surface should be flat and stable, away from any flammable objects such as curtains. To protect the surface that the lit candle will be placed on you may want to use a sheet of wax paper.
  2. Plan ahead! We recommend having a cold wet cloth handy to cool the skin if needed, a towel or cloth for removing any left over wax, drinking water for the person who is receiving the wax, baby oil or powder (see below*), and a lighter.
  3. Protect the surface you will be using for your person receiving the wax. We use a cloth drop sheet! Also suitable are plastic drop sheets, shower curtain liner, or an old table cloth. The wax will likely soak into the material you use to protect the surface, and may leave oil stains.
  4. Remove the Exotic Spa Candle from packaging, trim wick, and light. If the candle smokes the wick may be too long. If your wick is short and the flame sputters out, hold the candle at a slight angle and rotate so the flame can melt a divot around the wick.
  5. From a height of 12-18", hold the candle above the skin that is to receive the wax. Tilt the candle slightly, allowing the melted wax to drip on the skin.
  6. Check in with your person! If they feel that the wax is too warm, give them a second to process. When the wax initially touches the skin it feels very warm! When they are ready, drip more wax. If they wish the wax to feel warmer, move closer to the skin, adjust height for the comfort of your person.
  7. Experiment to see what areas feel more or less sensitive, and what sensations different types of pouring creates. Wax can feel sensual, ticklish, stimulating, or intense, depending on where and how it is poured/dripped.

Smooth baby oil or powder over the skin. A light coating of either makes the wax removal process a breeze, and if using oil the heat of the wax disperses along the surface, which is a lovely sensation.

Clean Up:
The wax will peel off skin easily if you used oil or powder. Areas where the skin was dry or hairy may require that you lightly rub the skin with a rag or towel. Roll up the protective sheet and shake wax into the garbage.

Pro Tip:
Skin is very sensitive after wax is removed. Experiment with other textures on the skin, from fur to fingernails!


Size: 155g / 505oz x 4
Notable Features: Made in Canada, wax glows under black light
Ingredients: Paraffin (Paraffine), Candle Dye (teinture à la bougie)
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