July 2018 Featured Product - The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

July 2018 Featured Product - The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine

Just in time for Stampede, this playfully marketed sex machine is a modern adaptation of the classic ride-on vibrator.

Designed by b-Vibe founder and sex educator Alicia Sinclair, The Cowgirl is a newcomer to the world of ride-on sex toys that is catching people's attention. With a polished, modern design, accessible price point for Canadian retailers (wooo!), and a western theme, we knew that the Cowgirl was the perfect addition to our catalogue and just the toy to feature this July.


Out of the box

About the size of a breadbox (the universal standard in relative size) and shaped like a saddle stand, The Cowgirl is designed to fit comfortably between the thighs of a kneeling user. The base rests in a grippy silicone pad that keeps the toy in place on the floor. The rest of the unit is covered in a durable faux leather, with a saddle-shaped pad that offers both cushioning for the rider and that sweet, sweet country & western aesthetic we all crave (it could be improved by the addition of some hay bales, but you can't have it all). Finally, two sturdy handles are mounted on the front and the back.


The unit plugs into the wall using a substantial looking power cord, a necessity considering the level of power this toy generates. Two medical grade silicone attachments are included in the kit, one designed for external stimulation, and the other for penetration, with an option of a flexible or rigid core. In keeping with the theme, they are dubbed the Rawhide and Wild West, respectively.


One controls the Cowgirl's two functions (vibration and rotation) one of two ways: by means of a wired hand-held control box that has a distinct guitar amp aesthetic, or by syncing a compatible iOS or Android device to the toy through the Cowgirl app for cordless control.


When the Cowgirl is powered on there is no mistaking it- the intensity of the vibration is unrivalled in our store's catalogue, certainly, and if I had to make a comparison, it probably rates closer to a concrete vibrator than a bullet when it comes to strength.


Have we met?

The design is not entirely unique- it borrows a lot in terms of form and function from the Sybian, a well-known ride-on vibrator developed in 1987 and made famous through the years by a feature in Penthouse and regular appearances on The Howard Stern Show.


The Cowgirl, aside from being scaled up from the Sybian and other derivative devices, offers a more sophisticated design. Every element of The Cowgirl is top quality, from the hand-crafted cover and smooth glide plugs, to the steel and aluminum frame and the medical grade silicone attachments. Fairly small differences, like the durable, easy-grip handles, padded saddle, and silicone bumper on the base improve the user experience when compared to similar ride on toys, while the major upgrade of creating a bluetooth enabled, app-controlled toy sets The Cowgirl leaps and bounds ahead of their competitors.


At $2430, its no small investment, but if you’re looking for a way to spice up your Stampede party, The Cowgirl may be just what you’re looking for.



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