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Fleshlight Comparison: The Guide to Buying the Perfect Hole for You!

Fleshlight Comparison: The Guide to Buying the Perfect Hole for You!

The Fleshlight catalogue is a heavy one, and for stroker novices it can be hard to know where to start.

[Writers note: You may notice that this article is peppered with vague mentions of cost and price comparison. I have left out explicit dollar values so as not to confuse between our online-store and in-store costs. For listings of both, visit our online store.]


The husband and wife team behind Fleshlight rule an empire. The Fleshlight is the standard when it comes to male masturbators, and that kind of recognition has been well earned. Fleshlight's patented Superskin is at the top of the heap when it comes to soft and clean materials. A company this big is bound to have some options for its clientèle.


Sorry, did I say options?


There is a multitude of Fleshlights.


My God there are a lot of Fleshlights.


It can be downright overwhelming for a first-timer. It even still amazes me how many different kinds there are. Every average Joe deserves to have some clarity of choice and so I have recently made it my mission to delve into a veritable Fleshlight feeding-…er…fucking frenzy to pick out the best qualities in each. Factors that I am considering include: size, texture, ease of use, design, and how easy it is to clean. I have not tried every single Fleshlight for, as it stands, I do not produce enough semen in a year to reach that quota, but I have hand selected a set that share enough similarities with the rest of the lineup to make this little column worth your time.


A brief intro to the styles and the material…


Fleshlight uses 3 highly detailed designs on a majority of their toys: Lady (a vulva), Butt, and Mouth. There is another design called "Pure" which is a simple round orifice which could be of interest to someone shying away from replicas of the human anatomy. I definitely prefer the Butt and Pure to the Lady; this is a simply due to their ease of entry. If you have a phone in your free hand, it can be a little bit difficult to push your way past the narrow opening of the vulva should your penis slide out of the sleeve at some point. It's not to say that it's impossible, but the entry point to the Lady is somewhat convex where Butt and Pure make the entry point concave so you can find your way back into them hands-free. The sleeves are made of a patented, ultra-soft material called Superskin, the formula of which is a well-kept secret which the company assures is phthalate free and non-toxic. This material is easy to care for by using only water-based lubricants in it, washing it after use with a toy cleaner, and applying a renewing powder to prevent it from getting a sticky texture. Powdering isn't a necessary step in the cleaning of a Fleshlight but it is recommended to extend the life of your toy. There is a clear edition of Superskin which tends to be a little bit stickier than the flesh-toned edition but stickiness will arise in both materials if they are not powdered after they are cleaned. Many different inner textures have been created to stimulate a penis in different ways. Some textures are quite aggressive while the original design is a simple, straight pathway; inner texture is a matter of taste and they are all quite good.


The classic flashlight case houses the majority of sleeves on this list so, to save time I have included the dimensions of it below.


Flashlight Case Measurements

Length: 10"


Large Diam: 3.5"


Small Diam: 2.5"

Fleshlight Flashlight Case
  The classic flashlight case in black.


The standard flashlight case, from which the company's name derives, is the biggest model that the brand offers. It has an exaggerated, ergonomic grip that fits nicely into your hand and the added niceness that the caps on both ends are flat so that you can stand it up on either end. If you were hoping for a highly realistic representation of a flashlight for added discretion, I'm afraid you won't be fooling anyone with this case, though I would consider that partly because of the Fleshlight logo running up the sides. Just for the record, I do think that this case could be a bit smaller as its size can make it uncomfortable to grip for long periods (the Go really improves on this).




Let's kick off this list with…


Stamina Training Unit (STU)

Case: Flashlight (Gold)


Style: Lady (Pink)


Texture: STU

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit
  Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with interior texture.


The STU is one of the company's flagship pieces and certainly benefits from being advertised as a sort of men's health device. It has one of the tightest inner passages that you can get from a large Fleshlight and it's one of my personal favourites because it dries really quickly after washing (something which I wouldn’t have expected from its dense pattern). The sleeve is designed crowded and narrow in order to quickly bring most men to a state of over-stimulation which makes it more difficult to reach an orgasm. With repeated use, the STU will help make your penis less sensitive and ultimately, help you find a pace that keeps you in control of your orgasm.


I avoided this one for a while because I didn't really care about improving my stamina and actually wanted a complex and decadent texture. I am happy to report that this toy is great in either case. Helping to keep the cost down, it is also available in a box set containing several must haves like lube and toy cleaner and the glorious Fleshlight Shower Mount which can be used on smooth surfaces to make your Fleshlight a hands free experience.


The STU is an exemplary model which will easily satisfy a first time buyer or seasoned stroker.


Fleshlight Girls: Christy Mack - Butt

Case: Flashlight (Pearl)


Style: Butt (Flesh-tone)


Texture: Forbidden

Fleshlight Girls: Christy Mack - Butt
  Christy Mack’s "Butt" Fleshlight, with "Forbidden" interior texture.


[Editor's Note: Since the publishing of this article, the model of Christy Mack Fleshlight with the "Forbidden" interior texture has been discontinued, with the "Booty" texture replacing it in her collection of signature toys.]


Looking at the full line-up of Fleshlight Girls is like a who's who of the adult film industry. These Fleshlights are cast from the actual women advertised and include a few stats, like bra size, home town, and favourite sex act (for those interested in the most intimate porn star trivia like myself). Choosing your girl is the first step but that shouldn't be too hard (your favourite is probably there). My expectations were quite high for the Christy Mack edition. Having only heard of the 'Forbidden' texture, my choice seemed pretty obvious. This model was the first that I tried with the flesh-tone material and WOWEE that stuff is soft. I quite enjoyed the "Forbidden" texture as well. The spiralling interior helps to produce a little bit of a drag which means that even with lube there is a pinch of resistance which just adds to the realism. As well, whether it is or not, this toy feels softer than my other Fleshlights. As the entry orifice does not flex and tighten, I don’t know if it's entirely comparable to anal sex but it is a damn good shot.


Each girl has two signature textures which are currently exclusive to the FL website, but The Little Shop of Pleasures does have the opportunity to ship in Nina Hartley's signature 'Cougar', which will likely be my next model as its dense pattern looks unbelievably stimulating.


And if you were wondering:


It is psychologically quite satisfying to watch your FL girl's lovely performances while you enjoy her signature Fleshlight.


I wholeheartedly recommend that a Fleshlight Girl make it into your collection at some point or another!


Fleshlight Ice

Case: Flashlight (clear)


Style: Lady (Clear)


Texture: Ice

Fleshlight Ice - Lady
  Fleshlight Ice – Crystal Lady, with "Crystal" interior texture.


Unlike other members of this list, the texture of the Ice is elaborate and changes from inch to inch to inch, so in a way Fleshlight congratulates members of the 10 inch club with the hind end of the toy. This is something that should be considered when purchasing toys with changing textures. Men of average length may reach the beginning of the small diameter, give or take, and so the back of the toy doesn’t need to be considered in many cases. But of course, texture is only one half of Ice's appeal.


"Do I want to watch my cock while I do the do?"


To answer a question with a question… why not?


I had never really thought about it. Clearly someone did.


Trying it out for the first time, I felt the throb of intrigue and the joy of discovery; a similar fascination lingered with me as when I am watching the BBC series "Planet Earth". David Attenborough’s voice suddenly crept into my head as I was penetrating the shifting and stretching material. "Well, this is cool" he said. This toy is like a sexual science fair project. Affix a strobe light onto the back side of your Ice and pump some funky spunk. Use it with your partner and put a smile on their face.


It should be noted as well that over the course of time, the clear Superskin gets a bit cloudy from friction. Inside its box is the clearest it will ever look.


I am usually rubbed the wrong way by gimmicks but I love the way that this toy feels and as a result, it is one of the most frequently used toys in my stash. It has a unique texture that sets it apart from other Fleshlights of its cost and it's a quick and easy clean. If you have never had a Fleshlight or you want something fun to bust out with a saucy partner, the Ice could be the companion piece you want.


Flight - Pilot

Case: Flight (Black) – A sleek, asymmetrical, sloping design which showcases a slightly more abstract version of the product. It almost looks like a piece of modern art and is far less obvious than the flashlight case. Its smaller cap is sloped on top so it can only be balanced on its large end. There is a small "Flight" logo near the base and the case is lined with small divots


Case Measurements:

Length: 8"

Large Diam: 3"

Small Diam: 2"


Style: Pure (Clear) – The design is altered slightly from the original pure orifice as it has a set of ramped ridges circling the hole, making it look like a jet turbine to fit into the whole flight motif


Texture: Pilot AKA Mini-Destroya

Fleshlight Flight - Pilot
  Fleshlight Flight, with "Pilot" interior texture.


The Flight was the first Fleshlight in my collection. I had read about it online, and it was the right design for discretion. It looks like an air freshener or some sort of storage case. Nothing amiss here. I was drawn into it for more reasons than that, though. Unsure about a triple-digit price tag, the Flight was number one on my male masturbator wish list. There are two textures to choose from which boil down to miniature versions of the two most popular Fleshlight textures: in the black case, The Pilot or Mini-Destroya and in the white case, the Instructor or Mini-STU. I wanted a Destroya from the first time I saw one and realizing that the Flight offered it for a better price, I was down for it instantly.


The Flight is just a good all-around-er. There is focus in its texture and the size makes it comfortable to hold and easy to store. As I mentioned earlier in the article, the 'Pure' opening is easy to penetrate hands free. It's one of the few Fleshlights that I have that turns inside out really easily, so you can actually pat it dry before you let it air dry. From the first time I used it until now, it is a soft and subtle stroker that always does the trick in a pinch.


Try it yourself and see what I mean.


Sex in a Can: Lady Lager

Case: Can (Gold) – Designed to look like a large beverage can. The body of this case is straight edged, very narrow, and does not change in diameter. No logos are present on this case


Case Measurements:

Length: 7.5"

Diam: 3"


Style: Lady (Pink)


Texture: Mini Lotus

Little Shop of Pleasures - Sex in a Can: Lady Lager
  Sex In A Can – Lady Lager, with interior texture.


… I never thought I would wind up fucking a can.


It is likely that it won't be your first choice either. You are no doubt enthralled with the wondrous Fleshlight Girls or focusing on something basic like the STU. You've picked up the package and you can't believe the hokey name. You are rejecting the idea of sex with a beer can; this is assumedly the reason that they still let you in the local liquor store.


Now just hold it!




… Hold your horses.


I was like you once. I thought I was too good for cola copulation.


"No more" say I.


The Lady Lager fell into my hands after I caught wind that 'O'Doyles Stout' (another FL canned good) was the greatest thing since sliced bread. The jury is still out on how tight sliced bread is, suffice it to say that O'Doyles is supposed to be the pinnacle of ass-shaped male masturbators. Well I didn't know how tight I would want my new Fleshlight so I decided to play it safe and go with the vaginal edition 'Lady Lager'. I was surprised to unpack it and discover that the big hokey label peels off revealing a simple, gold can. This is the only Fleshlight I have, sans logo (brava). I set the gears in motion and began by opening the back cap. I often do this to make the entry and pre-masturbatory lubricating a little easier. I waited until I was in full swing to close the cap. Fully inserted, I twisted the back end shut and experienced a brand new sensation: intense, vacuum-like suction. Pulling the toy away from my body met me with a paradoxically penetrating suction, like it was literally pulling the 'fuck' out of me. This toy sucks harder than Lethal Weapon 4 and has the relentless tightness of a first time BJ (however, no teeth! Pleasant!).


Do not interpret my description as causing discomfort. This toy is a blast! The pleasure you can know with Lady Lager will halt whatever inhibitions you previously had about banging a can.


And the damn design works!


I've had 3 house guests ask me what kind of drink it is.




Class A Fleshlight.


FleshJack Sword

Case: Sword (Blue) – An oversized samurai sword handle with graphic detailing all over. Unlike the other cases on this list, the sword case is soft to put the user in control of the sleeve tightness.


Case Measurements:

Length: 8"

Large Diam: 4"

Small Diam: 3"


Style: Butt (Pink)


Texture: Sword

FleshJack Sword
  FleshJack Sword, and interior texture.


This is a really weird Fleshlight.


It differs quite a fair amount from the traditional design, so much so that it doesn't really seem like a Fleshlight.


But I like it. I like it a lot.


I would have liked to try the Blade edition of this toy but in the interest of variety, I decided to go with the Fleshjack model. Having not done much research prior to my purchase, I was actually quite surprised when I opened the box and found out that the case was soft and squeezable; there are certain compromises made in the design as a direct result of this deviation. Because the design can’t accommodate twist caps, the air flow is constantly monitored via punched holes at the back of the toy, thus discarding the distinct suction that make other Fleshlights so enjoyable. In place of a twist cap, there is a small plug in the bottom meant to line up with the end of the sleeve. It is necessary that it do so because the cap on the front face is round so you must stand it up on the back end. It usually stays clean but I have had it leak from the bottom when setting it down. These critiques are minor when compared to other male masturbators (the fact that it stands up at all sets it well ahead of even some pricier sleeves) but they may come as a surprise to unwary buyers.


So, does this change in design amount to anything?


I was skeptical at first. I figured that if I wanted to control the pressure, I would just use my hand. I have come to learn that any influence you have on this toy will translate subtly to your penis. Because of this, I highly recommend that you get creative with the way that you manipulate this toy. If you squeeze and relax rapidly it can be interesting, or try to roll it back and forth in your grip for a massage like sensation.


I think this toy was designed with a previously existing fan base in mind. It is a separate concept that will spice things up for fans of the original Fleshlight. Hopefully, first timers won't be put off by the samurai gimmick because they would be missing out.


Before you buy, check out the Blade. I think that the Blade's texture is vastly superior.



Case: Quickshot (Black) – The most compact case offered by Fleshlight, it is designed to be symmetrical and short so that either end can be penetrated and so that a penis can pass clean through.


Case Measurements:

Length: 4.25"

Diam: 2.5"


Style: Pure (Metallic) – An abstract and symmetrical deviation from the traditional pure orifice


Texture: Boost

Fleshlight Quickshot Boost
  Fleshlight Quickshot Boost, with interior texture.


The relative inexpensiveness of a Quickshot may be the first thing that you notice about it. For a Fleshlight product, the cost agreed with me heartily. There are a few things that should be noted before you buy though. The number one concern in the creation of this toy is compactness and fat is trimmed from every hard edge of this toy; I didn't think about the circumference of this toy when I bought it but it is easily the tightest toy in their catalogue. I have found myself using more lubricant with this toy as well as it dries out a lot faster and I theorize that it is due to the open design; moisture doesn't really stay sealed in.


As a solo toy, it is usable and can be far more vigorous in action than a standard Fleshlight; the entire toy will slide up and down and on and off and can be twisted like a zesty lemon being juiced on your penis. Still, I only really suggest this masturbation if you're strapped for cash,




This toy was designed for couples. This is an area where I lack creative input so I am outsourcing to a professional acquaintance and personal friend with a say in how this toy performs in a bed set for two:


"My partner loves to watch me get off and it is a big turn on for her to see me ejaculate. A normal Fleshlight can be a fun way to change up a hand job, but it creates the problem of casing my full length and pulling out just isn't the same feeling so the Quickshot solves the problem. It is also apt for use during oral! The feeling of having my penis fully engulfed is a big turn on for us both but her sensitive gag reflex can make it difficult to indulge in deep-throating. By using this toy on the base of my shaft she can still service the top without worry. The material has no taste either so it is fine to get up close and personal with and if my lady wants a break, the Quickshot is a fantastic masturbator on its own. For solo time, it won't replace my 'Sex in a Can' but with my lady friend, this is a go-to toy."


I extend many thanks to my friend for his detailed account on the Quickshot.


In regards to taste, I would be remiss to exclude details about the metallic material used in the 'Boost'. The 'Vantage' which is my friend’s toy of choice is made of the clear Superskin found in toys like 'Ice' and ‘Flight’. As detailed in the above testimony, this material has no taste but every Fleshlight has a smell of some sort. Usually the odour is quite subtle and easy to deal with but my metallic Superskin has a smell akin to shoe polish. It has lessened over time but has not really softened in concentration. This smell is only apparent when the toy is in your face so I implore a wary attitude remain in your heart before you consider 'Boost' for your oral fantasies.


I do not regard my collection on a scale of good to bad but rather as a collection of favourites. Let this attitude resonate when I call this toy my least favourite. I still like it and it sees frequent use in my collection. For the frugal buyer or experimental couple, this is a fine choice.


FleshJack Go Surge

Case: Mini Flashlight


Case Measurements:

Length: 8.25"

Large Diam. : 3"

Small Diam : 2"


Style: Butt (Pink)


Texture: Surge

FleshJack Go - Surge
  FleshJack Go Butt with "Surge" interior texture.


I was just telling someone the other day about how Fleshlight's products would be better in smaller cases, and lo and behold they were packing this fabulous design in their back pocket. The size change isn't substantial but by Jove, it is enough. This thing fits in my hand as comfortably as a dirty martini and its texture is one of the more flavorful that Fleshlight has to offer. I have found that textures work a little bit better when they are reduced a tad. Tightness is great but it can be a little bit overwhelming when the sleeve is too crowded. The industrial steel-like texture inside this sleeve is restrained in its protrusion and I got a lot more out of it as a result. I could really feel the texture and its brief interludes of jagged spines are a refreshing little jolt. My cock doesn't read braille but I think this toy says "Fuck the shit out of me baby exclamation point".


I don't have too much to say on this one besides the fact that it is equally as good as the Flight and Fleshlight ought to be proud of themselves.


Last but not least…


Original Pink Lady

Case: Flashlight (Black)


Style: Lady (Pink)


Texture: None. No texture. Just a straight tube.

Fleshlight Pink Lady - Original
  The Original Pink Lady, with interior texture.


A video popped up online about a year or so ago of the original model for the vaginal face of the Fleshlight, touring a factory in Spain and employees were getting their picture taken with her and I thought it was so cool because I could not imagine what the woman actually looked like in real life. She was all happy and smiling as people picked up replicas of her vagina and played with them in their hands and then looked at her and looked back again and it was so damn cute!


I was disappointed to find out that she wasn't the original model after all. The internet just got really overexcited when that video came out. She is a Czech adult film star named Eufrat Mai and hers should be the next name that you type into your search bar. She does have a signature Fleshlight Girls design and that is why she was visiting the factory but nevertheless, she ain't the original.


Turns out that the Original Pink Lady is just a generic vagina design.


Kind of anticlimactic.


I enjoy many heritage products like tea and vinyl LP's and wooden pencils and shit like that. I think it's interesting that people continue to use them and enjoy them after decades or centuries or in the case of tea, millennia. Because of this I am really interested in the story above and I was totally pumped up to try this toy. Think of all of the millions of units of 'Pink Lady' that Fleshlight must have sold to become "The #1 selling male sex toy in the world". Before any of the other crazy textures and designs on this list, there was 'Pink Lady' and she was the very word in masturbation. She will be around for posterity. Now it's my turn to give this slick strumpet a ride.


So how does she hold up?


You know what?


'S funny…


This girl has got everything you need.


I was prepared for any scenario regarding the success of this sleeve, but I can see how this Fleshlight got the gears in motion. Texture was an inevitable step in this company's evolution because they had to expand their lineup if they wanted their audience to grow, and so far that move has helped them maintain their steady climb up to the top, and yet…


Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but this is clearly a case of simple being better. Out of the lot, the constant, warm hug of the Pink Lady reminds me of real sex the most. The concept of air drying makes the absolute most sense with this toy and without all of the shapely canals and caverns, this toy is by far the easiest to clean. Her suction is the bomb as well.


Do not disregard this girl because she's the oldest of the gang. If anything, the fact that she's still around after all these years ought to tell you something about her worth.


Huge thumbs up from me.


The Final Verdict


Best for first time users: Pink Lady, FlightSTU, Go, Ice


Bang for buck: QuickshotFlightSex In A Can, Sword or Blade, STU Starter Pack


Best textures: Flight (Pilot), Go (Surge), STU, Forbidden


Best for couples: Quickshot, Ice, Go (Torque)


Easiest to clean: Quickshot, Pink Lady, FlightSTU, Forbidden


Cleanest during use: Flight, Go, FL’s with a wide entry


I want to try: Blade, O’Doyle’s StoutNina Hartley's Cougar


My picks descending from favorite: Original Pink Lady, Flight: PilotSex in a Can: Lady Lager, Go: Surge, IceGirls: Christy Mack, Sword, STUQuickshot


Before you buy, you should know a couple of things that are universal with male masturbators.


  1. You will get lube on your hands during use so it is a good idea to prepare some tissue. This is especially true when using a Quickshot.
  2. Due to the displacement of air when using a masturbator, every sleeve emits a quiet puffing or sucking sound during use commonly referred to as ‘breathing’. Depending on the model of Fleshlight you choose, the volume of these sounds will vary. With the backside adjustment fully open it will be barely noticeable but as you close that cap, the sound will make itself more apparent. In a toy like Lady Lager, vigorous stroking with a closed cap can produce a gentle pop or a clap. A Quickshot, because it is open ended, emits a louder sloshing sound. This factor should be taken into account when searching for discreet pieces.
  3. The type of lubricant used will make a difference in your overall experience. Lubes designed for sleeves like FleshLube and the Tenga lineup are always good choices but it is a fine idea to go to your local sex shop and try some of their testers to feel the difference. My personal favorites are Probe’s ‘Thick Rich’ and their ‘Silky Light’ because they feel like real bodily fluids. T&R feels like vaginal fluid while S&L feels like saliva. Lelo's water-based lubricant feels very nice as well; it has the silky smooth texture of a silicone lubricant but is perfectly safe for your toy.
  4. The best judge of a good sleeve is YOU. As earlier mentioned, each different design and texture is recommended via personal testimony and customer feedback. Even the Original sleeve, sans texture, has staying power as it helped this company climb to the top at the beginning. Still, the only way to know what is right for you is to try something out. I personally don’t think that it’s possible to make a bad choice when it comes to Fleshlights. I mean, I have 9 of the things so what does that tell you?
  5. If in doubt, just keep it simple. Every choice is fine. If you like the final product, you can always get another.


I wish each of you the best of luck in your hunt for the perfect Fleshlight.



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