Ask LSOP # 47 - Too Much Time Together

Ask LSOP # 47 - Too Much Time Together

Quarantine quibbles putting strain on your domestic bliss? Don't worry, you're not alone.

I've been quarantined with my partner, and I'm feeling over saturated with their presence. How do I ask for my own space without hurting their feelings?


Like many of us at the beginning of the pandemic you were probably excited to spend more quality time with your partner. However, you probably weren't expecting to spend every waking moment together for months at a time. Don't worry, your relationship isn't falling apart. Feeling over saturated is totally normal.
Time to yourself for rest and introspection is important. Before you sit down for a chat with your partner try your best to figure out what exactly you are asking for. Do you want more time to work on your hobby or meditate? Or do you just want to watch a movie in silence? It will be a more productive conversation if you can give direct answers to some of your partner's questions. On that note, it's okay not to have all of the answers, your feelings don't have to be justified to be valid.
It is possible that the shift in dynamic has affected your love languages, and how you communicate. You or your partner might need a different form of affection to feel better supported and understood during a time of stress and uncertainty. The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a great book to read if you are not sure what your love language is.
Remember that your partner wants the best for you, and that requests are always better received than demands. Be direct, but also be prepared to make compromises. You got this.


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