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Ask LSOP # 32 - Where's a Calgary Kinkster to begin?

Ask LSOP # 32 - Where's a Calgary Kinkster to begin?

This month our resident expert on the Calgary kink community offers their advice to someone looking for a place to start in their exploration of the local scene.

I have recently discovered my kinky side, and I am growing more and more excited to get out there and meet some new, like-minded people but I have no idea how/where/when. Any advice you could give me on how I might go about getting starting in an adult community around here would be greatly appreciated.



[Editor's note: We've passed this one along to our resident expert in Calgary's kinky community,  Jamie.O, A.K.A. The Professional Pervert.]



Thank you very much for the question! It's one that we get often from people that want to explore their kinky side but don’t know where to get started.


There are quite a few options for beginners in our city looking to explore kink and expand their community. Most of these events, meetups, and clubs can be found on FetLife.com. FetLife, a social media platform geared at kinksters, is a great resource for finding like minded people. Once you make an account (basic accounts are free) check out the "Events Near Me" tab and see what's going on around town. Here are a few options that happen fairly regularly...


Munches are the most open and casual place to meet other kinky people. They often happen in bars or clubs, so there is no commitment to anything other than your bar tab, and you can dress casually or in whatever is appropriate for the location. The locations selected for these low-key meet-and-greet events are often transit accessible.


There are lots of "newbie" friendly events that cater to all types of people of different skill levels, if you have done some basic kinky things, or even if your ideas have never left your imagination, you can find others to talk to and possibly explore what you're interested in. Cost requirements and dress codes vary from event-to-event, as well as what interests or community they cater to, but they are almost always inexpensive and easy to dress for (when in doubt, formal attire is always sexy).


There are lots of workshops going on around town as well, from tantric sex, to latex, gender expression, BDSM, and lifestyle. This would definitely be a good place to learn some new things and meet some new people. Keep up with Little Shop Workshops, coming up next in February of 2019, at www.littleshopworkshops.com.


Calgary has many swingers clubs, each offering a variety of different themes and experiences. Often times the Friday and Saturday night events are not open to singles, but many of the weekday events are!


Thanks again for the question, and happy exploring!


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