Ask LSOP #29 - Why do I require stronger vibration to orgasm?

Ask LSOP #29 - Why do I require stronger vibration to orgasm?

One of our pleasure experts talks about the reasons why different folks could need different kinds of vibration to reach orgasm, and why we shouldn't worry too much about how our needs differ from other people's.

Why do I need so much vibration and my friend gets off with so little? Feels unfair!


I understand your frustration- if you’re the kind of person who needs very strong vibration to achieve orgasm, you might experience misplaced shame, and you definitely will spend more on toys than your friend who just needs a buzzy little bullet.


The amount of vibration it takes a person to reach orgasm is affected many variables that can change over time or even over the course of a day. State of arousal, where they are in their menstruation cycle, the level of stress in their life, and even noises or other distraction can all play a factor.


I have been in this business for a long time, and have heard a lot stories from many vagina owners on this topic. It may seem unfair, but I think that it is time you stop worrying about it. It doesn’t matter how much vibration it takes you get there, be happy you are getting there and enjoy the ride. There are many woman that can’t reach climax no matter how much vibration they apply- now that, my friend, is frustrating!


If this is a big deal for you, maybe it is time to put the vibrator aside and start doing things manually! What you might realize is that the more aroused you are the less stimulation it will take you to climax. Put on your favourite porn, don't put a timeline on it and love yourself! And forget about your friend (unless that is part of the fantasy)! Try to just focus on arousing the mind and forget about the level of stimulation that is going on down there. Make sure you have a wand within arms reach though, just in case you need an extra hand!


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