Ask LSOP # 28 - What's up with the wands?

Ask LSOP # 28 - What's up with the wands?

We often get people wondering after our wall of wand vibrators in-store. Reactions range from amusement at their size and appearance to horror as they imagine how their used (or that the back massager at grandma’s house might have had more than one use). But despite the initial reactions that some folks have, there is a reason this retro-style massager-turned-sex-toy has remained popular for so long. Or rather a few reasons...


High Power

The wand design of toy is known for its impressive power and for many people the original Magic Wand is the strongest toy they own. The size of a wand vibrator allows for a much bigger and sturdier motor than smaller toys, which helps to create their signature teeth rattling rumble. The Magic Wand Original and other toys that borrowed its design for their inspiration is electrically powered, plugging right into the wall. This kind massive and steady flow of power can make a big difference in the output of a toy, although improvements in technology have led to rechargeable wands with comparable levels of strength. This seriously low frequency, rumbling vibration is often favoured because of how it reverberates through the body, stimulating nerves well below the surface of the skin.


Huge Surface Area

For folks who are fans of broad (versus pin-point) stimulation, wands are a great choice. Especially with a full-sized wands like the Magic Wands or Doxy, the large heads are great for distributing the vibration over a greater surface area- think the whole vulva instead of just the clitoris. To change up the focus of the vibrations, the wand can be angled to place just the edge of the head against the body, or be paired with an attachment with a more specialised shape. Attachments are generally designed to fit over the head of a standard full-sized wand massager, and come in a multitude of styles that change the focus of vibration, add a dildo for internal vibration, attach a stroker for penetration, and more.


Easy to Grip Handle

Although you probably wouldn’t know it to look at them, the long bodies of wand vibrators are, for some people, a big selling feature. They can be easier to grip than a smaller toy, can be held with one or two hands, and offer more leverage than a smaller external vibrator. They also (usually) create distance between the source of the toy’s vibration and where your hands are, keeping the user’s hands from being buzzed numb during play.



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