Ask LSOP #24 – What to do when you don't like your partner's taste

Ask LSOP #24 – What to do when you don't like your partner's taste

The following is the Ask LSOP #24 question and answer, as featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures February 2018 newsletter.

My partner loves performing oral on me! I want to reciprocate the act, but I find their natural scent a little too much for me to handle, I haven’t had this issue with previous partners- why is this one so different? Any suggestions on what I can do?



You are not alone in your lack of lust over your partner’s natural aroma, in fact this is very common question our staff receive at the store. The first thing we always tell people is that if you have noticed a marked change in your partner’s genital taste/smell/fluids, it’s a good idea to bring it up with your partner, as you may be noticing symptoms of a health issue that needs medical attention.


The human body creates its ‘pleasure’ fluids in the Bartholin’s gland for people with vaginas and the Cowper’s gland and prostate for the penis owners out there. The exact chemical makeup can vary widely from person to person on an almost daily basis. It can depend on diet, hydration, medication, hormonal stresses, and quite a few other factors. Like how no two snowflakes are ever the exact same, human genitals and the piping connected to them are all slightly different. This would explain the differences in taste between partner to partner.


A simple solution would be sharing a sexy shower or bath with your partner, and go down on them before any natural aroma has a chance to form. This also gives you a chance to explore your partner with the confidence that everything is squeaky clean. Another solution would be getting some flavoured lube! There are hundreds of different flavours out there- simply apply and lose yourself in the yummy taste and hopefully the moans of your lover.


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