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Ask LSOP #1 – Choosing an anal lube

Ask LSOP #1 – Choosing an anal lube

Ask LSOP is a monthly sex advice column featured in our newsletter, where the LSOP staff get together to answer your questions. Read below for more information on how to have your question featured. The following is the Ask LSOP #1 question and answer, as featured in the Little Shop of Pleasures March 2016 newsletter.

Dear LSOP sexperts,


What is the best lube to use for anal sex?




– L



Dear L,


That’s a really common question, and depending on what your particular encounter is going to entail, you have three general options:


1) A gel water-based lubricant

This is a great option if you are planning on incorporating silicone toys into your activities. Water-based formulas are compatible with all toy materials including silicone plastic and all barrier method materials, and are unlikely to stain fabrics if they get everywhere- and since you should be using a lot of lube for any anal-oriented activities, this is a possibility! Gel formulas are thicker, and contain a higher ratio of lubricating agent to water. As the anus will absorb the water pretty quickly, having more lubricating ingredient leads to better lubrication. It also provides a bit more cushion than thinner formulas. Gun Oil GelMaximus, and Sliquid Sassy are some of our favourite water-based gel lubes.

2) A silicone-based lubricant

Silicone lubricant is liked because it is super long-lasting. While water-based formulas dry up in the air, absorb into the body, and usually requiring re-application, silicone-based lubes last and last. There are even special anal formulas that are a bit thicker to provide some of that cushion. While silicone lubricants are compatible with all barrier method materials, they are not compatible with silicone toys, and can stain fabrics. As long as you tuck your silicone toys back in the drawer, and put down a towel, you’re good to go! JO Silicone Anal LubeID Backslide, and COLT Silicone Slick are all good choices for silicone anal lubes.



3) An oil-based lubricant

Oil-based lubes are another option for anal penetration. While we don’t usually recommend them for vaginal use (they have the potential to cause irritation and infection), for anal use they are perfectly safe! Oil can damage TPE and PVC toys, so be sure to switch them out for something made of silicone, steel, or glass. It’s also incredibly important to note that oil is not compatible with latex or polyisoprene. Ensuring that any barrier methods you use are made from nitrite or polyurethane is a must if you use oil-based lubricants!


We hope this helps! Thanks for writing in, L.


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