Swinging Free (A Club Ménage Review)

Swinging Free (A Club Ménage Review)

Jamie reviews Club Ménage, a local swinging lifestyle club.

Last week I had the opportunity to to attend an event at Club Ménage. As I mentioned in my previous review, my job takes me to all kinds of different events and venues, including several of Calgary’s adult lifestyle clubs- but this one was a little different.


Once you have received your registration confirmation and paid your entrance fee you are sent the location- and if you’re anything like me you’ll experience momentary confusion at the fact that instead of an industrial area or strip mall you’ve been given a residential address in a high-end neighbourhood. I know I checked Google Maps a few times to make sure that I had the right address, and I was intrigued about how a club like this would look in a residential setting.


I was not the first and certainly not the last person to walk up the front door of the home in question wondering if I was at the right address. I stopped for a moment and debated knocking when other party goers started walking up behind me. I could hear a few whispers and they pointed at the club’s logo hanging on a fence close by. I followed the other club-goers to the back of the house to the entrance to a walk-in basement suite.


Once inside, the club guests have an area to hang their jackets as well as get checked in. After that is a small lounge area where you can keep your drinks as well as make some cocktails (the club is, of course, BYOB), or help yourself to some snacks. This opens up to a large play area with a hexagonally-shaped bed and some PVC sofas. The rooms are all dimly lit with different color mood lighting running along the roof providing just the right amount of illumination for people to see while maintaining an atmosphere. There was a TV on one wall that played some random porn, which made for a few laughs (and maybe provided some inspiration).


Continuing on in the club, you can head upstairs to the Vanilla room, a simple set bedroom with extra sheets and towels meant to be used for couples or groups that just want to enjoy each other. The door can be left open for others to watch or join/if they ask for permission or closed for more private times, it’s a very intimate setting with the door closed for people that don’t want to enjoy themselves in public or semi public like other clubs.


The next room on the tour is the glory hole/Sybian/free use multipurpose room. It’s a smaller space with a modular wall system that offers lots of different options depending on what people want. When I went there was a Sybian set up (always a crowd favorite) but the hosts told me that the ‘F*ck wall’ (a glory hole for ladies) was a popular set up as well.


Next is the suspension room. This is the most kink-orientated play space I have ever seen in a lifestyle club, and with 4 heavy-weight suspension points mounted to the roof and a dozen mounted on the walls this was one of the most impressive kink rooms I have ever seen. Along the longest wall was a one way mirror so people in the hallway could look inside and see the exciting play going on without crowding the doorway. This provided a little extra flair to the scene going on because the person that was getting played ‘with’ could see herself in the mirror and that added to her thrill.


They have quite a large collection of BDSM equipment available to use, but the one that caught everyone’s eye was the portable fucking machine- the type with a dildo attached to the business end of a reciprocating saw. The night that I went was not supposed to be a play party, but someone fell in love with the machine and our amazing hostess gave us all a live demonstration with it. She was a fantastic teacher, and, in addition to making her partner for the demo scream in delight, we all learned a fair bit about how to safely use a f*ck saw.


With plans to expand coming soon, this is an intimate club that offers a little bit of everything. They host parties once a month for their members, and the club is always open for rental for big or small groups. The owners told me that they have customers who are couples that come to enjoy the space on their own as well as groups, organised gang bangs, Doms and Dommes who need dungeon space, and even large parties of 30+ people.  


I had a great time at Club Ménage, and look forward to visiting it again. It’s very clear that the owners love the lifestyle, and the club that they built to help share their experience with others. To see what's coming up at Club Ménage, or to book the space for your own private rental, check out their website.


[Editor’s note: the newest room- a 220 sq ft themed playspace- is now complete at the publishing of this review.]


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