Uvee Home Play

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The Uvee Home Play is a locking toy storage case, a 3 USB port charging station, and UV light sanitation device all in one slick package. Use it to sanitise your adult toys, hard-to-wash BDSM gear, and even your phone without water or chemicals.

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Uvee Home Play

The Uvee Home Play by Clean Light Laboratories is the only UV sanitation device designed specifically for adult toys. Using a germicidal UVC light system, the Uvee Home Play kills 99% of germs on toys, BDSM gear, or other difficult to sanitise items in ten minutes or less.

The Home Play features 3 built-in USB ports and a port through which the cord of a wall adapter charger can be fed. After using a toy, simply clean off any fluid or residue with a cleaner and water, and then place in the Uvee Home Play. The Home Play is large enough to fit a full sized wand vibrator, and comes with a removable divider system to help keep toys and cables in place. The device locks by means of a built-in three-digit lock, which can be set with a custom pin.

Kit Contains: 2 UV-C cleaning bulbs, wall adapter, 2 removable dividers, 1 protective bulb tray, Uvee Home Play Sanitation System, user's manual 
Height: 5" 
Width: 8.75" 
Length: 16.5" 
Power: Wall adapter (included) 
Warranty: 90 Day Mail-In Warranty

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