BadAss Canes - 24" Blood Red Acrylic Cane

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Made from light-refracting translucent acrylic in brilliant blood red, this top-quality cane will add a pop of colour to your toy bag.

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BadAss Canes - 24" Blood Red Acrylic Cane

Constructed from translucent acrylic with a molded, easy-to-grip handle, this cane is equally suited for the beginner and the experienced player. It is a toy-bag-friendly 24 inches long from the pronounced red "butt" of the handle to the carefully rounded tip. The ruler-straight shaft flies through the air with percision, allowing the wielder to land exacting strikes. At 3/8 of an inch thick, this firm material has only a moderate flexibility, and in a matching pair is perfect for use in rythmic caning. This cane in also available in clear and blue acrylic.

BadAss Canes are hand made in Edmonton Alberta. Each item is constructed out of carefully selected, high quality materials, including rattan, hardwood, and delrin. Informed by 35 years of experience in the BDSM community, each style of cane is created to complement the varied tastes of caning enthusiasts. BadAss Canes designs their impact tools with an emphasis on functionality that sets them far above other canes available on the market.

Length: 24"
Width: 0.375"
Material(s): Acrylic

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